austria wirtschaftsservice

(Federal promotional bank of Austria)

aws creative industries supports with monetary grants further training programs and provides targeted activities; these activities are to significantly contribute and increase the awareness of the value and potential of the creative industries in the innovation context and to strengthen the economic importance of this sector.

Creative Industries Styria

Since 2007 Creative Industries Styria has served as networking agency of the creative economy in Styria. It functions as a cooperation and contact point for institutions and companies wishing to implement creative concepts and thus support the implementation of projects or companies through project-based consulting and networking. Creative Industries Styria creates awareness for the creative sector on both a regional and an international level: In Styria it strengthens horizontal innovation processes of enterprises by using design to compose products and supply of services; thereby it contributes to the development and location development of innovative milieus. On an international level it conducts projects such as "Graz UNESCO City of Design", "Graz Month of Design" and "Experience Economy"; in this regard Creative Industries Styria does not only show presence in national and international networks but positions itself as an active co-creator of the creative economy.

CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria

CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria is a publicly owned non-profit company, supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in the creative industries and positioning city and region as a creative location. The CREATIVE REGION is a hub for people and communities in the creative industries, a platform for information and services, a workshop for ideas and projects and a networking organisation for the reinforcement of the creative business sector. The CREATIVE REGION is responsible for managing Linz - UNESCO City of Media Arts within the UNESCO Creative Cities Network; designs and implements the "Creative (Media) Entrepreneur" and the "Show Me The Money" workshop and consultancy series; manages the "Open Design Region Linz & Upper Austria" and the "CREATIVE REGION On Show" programmes; and organizes the high-profile annual "Forum Creative Industries" Festival.


Design in Austria has got a voice: designaustria Austria’s representation of interests and center of knowledge regarding design designaustria bundles the interests of its 1,300 members and represents them on a national and international level. Being a community of interests and competence center for design, we consider ourselves a link between creative professionals, economy, and society. In order to foster the quality of Austrian creative work, we do not only provide a strong voice for local designers but also the discipline as a whole. Today, the third oldest design organization in Europe still is so much more than just a representation of interests for designers: designaustria is Austria’s first address in terms of design.

designforum Vienna

designforum Vienna, being a center of dialogue, competence and mediation, represents a spatial and content-related platform for design. Its tasks include the loud contemplation about design and its function as well as the raising of awareness of good design. designforum Vienna can be conceived as a place offering the opportunity of preparing design-related topics for a wider public and broaching the issue of design in various forms. This happens in the course of exhibitions, panel discussions, symposia, lectures, conferences, and events.

Via this multi-directional dialogue, designforum wants to advice, link, mediate, learn, educate, and stimulate a discourse between designers, creative professionals, economy, politics, and design-interested visitors. Well located at MQ Vienna, designforum offers an exclusive contact point and interesting environment in terms of industry branches.

MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art

The MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art is a museum of experimentation which pursues new approaches to its extensive collection and reveals new perspectives through experimental exploration of design, architecture, and contemporary art. It is one of the most important museums of its kind worldwide. In accordance with a modern understanding of applied arts, it strives to yield concrete benefits for everyday life. The MAK addresses our future by confronting relevant sociopolitical issues from the perspective and approach of contemporary art, applied arts, design, and architecture and, as a driving force, advocates for positive change of our society in social, ecological, and cultural terms.

Vienna Business Agency – creative center departure

With the aim to create an economically sustainable basis for Vienna’s creative professionals, departure, the creative center of the Vienna Business Agency, offers various services and support in the following areas of the creative industries: architecture, design, the art market, fashion, multimedia, publishing, the music and film business. The three core tasks of the creative center are: 1. Networking: providing a network for creative professionals by acting as a contact point and project partner for the creative industries, but also as a hub between companies from the creative industries and classical businesses. 2. Visibility: increasing visibility for creative work through various formats promoting innovative projects, products and services, locally and internationally. 3. Know-how Transfer: enabling know-how transfer through workshops, laboratory projects and lectures on current issues as well as through studies and publications focusing on central themes of the creative industries.

Vienna Design Week

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is noted for its curated contents and innovative character, also for its endeavors to link up the various disciplines – a special focus is placed on the connection of design and industry. Thus the festival has established itself as a constantly growing network of creative people and business enterprises from home and abroad, which moreover is supported and used by leading players from culture, the economy and the media. The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is Austria’s largest design festival and is celebrating an anniversary in 2016.

Advantage Austria

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, with its more than 115 offices in over 70 countries, provides a broad range of business development services and expertise. Its offices assist local companies in locating Austrian business partners and also strive to promote Austria as an investment location, a high-tech manufacturing base, and a renowned source of the creative industries.

BMWFW – Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy

austria design net will present examples of excellent Austrian design at the WDC exhibition in Cape Town. The Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy supports the Austrian contribution within the scope of its programme ‘evolve’, which promotes the creative industries in Austria.