Design made in Austria. Sold Worldwide.

03.03. - 31.12.2017

Austria is known for its culture, its unimpaired nature and a high quality of living. Many products and projects designed and produced by Austrian designers, manufacturers and companies, are influenced by these instances. Maybe, that’s what makes them successful on the international market.

The exhibition DESIGN MADE IN AUSTRIA. SOLD WORLDWIDE shows objects of daily use with intrinsic quality standards, innovation and craftsmanship from various design disciplines: product design, interior design, packaging design and industrial design.

DESIGN MADE IN AUSTRIA. SOLD WORLDWIDE is an exhibition conceived and curated under the original title DESIGNED CLICHÉ by Austria Design Net for the presentation of Austrian Design at the Design Capital Taipeh in 2016. It was renamed for its tour through Austria, motivated by the ambition to show the selection of successful Austrian design to the Austrian people itself – raising awareness for the importance and the effect of good design.

The exhibition was shown in Graz from 4 March to 14 April 2017 at the designforum Steiermark and from 14 June until 10 September 2017 in Vienna at the designforum Vienna.

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