Austria Design Net

National attributions appear to play an increasingly insignificant role in the design world. Nevertheless, it is always visible when individual countries or regions have clear strategies in the representation and fostering of local creative industries and thus influence the perception of such nations as being innovative and sustainable.

Design from Austria is competitive and present but rarely associated with the country of origin. It is therefore crucial for the creative location Austria to emphasize its importance on an international level. It is the task of design austria net to well position the creative and design scene abroad and to link it with national and international networks.

Austria Design Net is a voluntary association of prestigious institutions from the Austrian design and creative industry. The initiative, which was launched in 2012, aims to combine the desire, knowledge, power as well as various thematic areas of the creative industries; on a national and international level it should be perceived as a network of experts and a focal point for expertise, presentation and representation of design. The initiative is operated by the following eight institutions:

  • AWS Kreativwirtschaft
  • Creative Industries Styria
  • CREATIVE.REGION Linz & Upper Austria
  • designaustria
  • designforum Vienna
  • Kreativzentrum departure – the creative center of the Vienna Business Agency
  • MAK – Austrian Museum for Applied Arts / Contemporary Art

In this community of interest different approaches, sectors and strategies are represented in order to visualize creative power: experimental and social design are represented – so is industrial design. Additionally, there are institutions with collection activities, business initiatives, non-profit organizations and organizations from public authorities. Being such a strong lobby, it has already been able to successfully implement some projects within the past years.

austria design net Board:
President: Lilli Hollein, Vienna Design Week
Vice-President: Eberhard Schrempf, Creative Industries Styria
General Secretary: Alexander Szadeczky, designforum